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Late Summer Flowers on the Mississippi Roads

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

At the end of a , could I call it; a savage summer?, a drive along the Southern country roads in Mississippi, a colorful selection of wildflowers greeted me. Not a hunt for the beauty of fall leaves, like our northern cousins boast about. Joyous colors of yellow, pink, purple, red, and white, splattered throughout the landscape. Sometimes larger clumps than less. So many colorful flowers, but only a single butterfly from time to time.

Yellow daisies on slender stems blowing in the cool breeze, play games with the camera focus mechanisms, while they enjoy their own reflections in ponds and slow moving streams. A butterfly and a spider compete for the last drops of nectar from a flower. Goldenrod plumes come to a standstill, just long enough for the capture. Bushes of lavender and white Michaelmas Daisies bring back the memories of old fashioned name; Cemetery Flower. That was where I was first got acquainted with these prolific delicate gems. Talking of gems, the dark purple of the occasional Verbena bloom adds highlights wherever you see them. Tall Joe Pye weed’s shorter purple and white cousins are still in full swing. Tiny lavender flowers on heavy stalks float around like swarms of gnats. The bright red-orange trumpets of Cypress Vine flowers, on thin stems reach into the bright sunny day. Singular blooms spread out into many directions, but each to hold its own in being noticed. Morning Glory flowers, faded by the sunlight are still everywhere covering bushes and fallen trees.

Nature did offer a Fall image for those who can not wait. A orange and black butterfly, next to a fallen leaf of a matching hue.

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