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   WHO AM I   

Chris Horak,


Born and raised in South Africa.  Living in Pensacola, Florida.  Regular posting of thoughts will appear on this site.  The photographs will all be from my own camera.  If not so, I will give the photographer responsible for the work the deserved credit.

At each stage of my life when I developed a new interest.  I always  seek formal education on that subject.  Many of these educational experiences were not accompanied by certifications. But still assisted me in having clearer understanding of a path and its implementation.

I will talk about food.  I will talk about plants, flowers and landscape development and maintenance.  I will talk about my experiences and my face-to face encounters with beasts and critters.  I will not talk about my work in the Private Service Industry.  I will talk about how to navigate social situations through my company; NAVIGATING CONVENTION LLC. (New, Contact me).

You are welcome to share what you enjoy from this site with your friends and family.  I hope there will be occasions that you will resonate with some of the images or thoughts that I have to share.

You are also welcome to share your thoughts with me at the above CONTACT location.

For prints of the original pictures (without watermark) taken by me, also contact me at the above address.



This picture of me with food in my hand, behind flowers, was taken by Darrin Land in Pensacola.

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